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Recognition of Acquired Competencies

Recognition of Acquired Competencies

The recognition of acquired competencies (RAC) is a process that allows an individual with skills gained through life or work experience to obtain official recognition of their competencies with a program of study.

Depending on the goals set up by the individual, this process will help identify which competencies are mastered and to see what competencies are missing.

At the end of the process, the recognition will appear on an official document (report card, attestation, diplôma, etc.) confirming either that all competencies have been completed (the study program) or part of the competencies of the said program (units or credits, etc.) have been completed.

Vocational Program:

Recognized programs:

  • Pharmacy technical assistance
  • Secretarial studies
  • Accounting
  • Hotel Reception
  • Institutional and home care assistance (Personnal care attendant)

A brief resume of the process:

  • 1. Reception
  • 2. Preparation and analysis of the file
  • 3. Meeting with the individual
  • 4. Action plan

General Education :


    The Secondary School Equivalency Test is offered to individuals who didn’t complete their high school classes, but who have the equivalent knowledge. The success of these tests is recognized by a Secondary School Equivalency Attestation (AENS). This attestation gives access to many other vocational programs, and some jobs requiring a secondary 5 level or equivalent.

  • GDT

    The functional prerequisites give access to some specific vocational programs, and contain 2 mandatory parts:

  • Success on a test evaluating your general knowledge (GDT);
  • The requirement to have obtained or to obtain the units related to prerequisites in the mother tongue and mathematics..